Shubhangi Bharadwaj

Commerce, Aligarh Muslim University India
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Analyzing the mediating effect of organizational identification on the relationship between CSR employer branding and employee retention

Purpose The study aims to explore the relationship between the employer branding (EB) dimension of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and employee retention (ER) while testing for organizational identification (OI) as a mediator, within a single framework. Design/methodology/approach The study is cross-sectional, and the data were collected from 126 employees working in the Indian information technology (IT) companies. Regression technique and PROCESS macro were deployed to analyze the data. Findings The findings asserted that, first, the EB dimension of CSR influences ER. Second, CSR significantly affected OI and was found to be a strong predictor of ER. Third, the relationship between CSR and ER is mediated by OI. Practical implications Organizations should embed ethical stance in their policies, practices and procedures to retain a skilled workforce. Further, CSR as an EB dimension, while being imperative for improving employee-related outcomes, does not necessarily help to enhance retention of employees unless the employees build a strong identity with their work organization. Social implications The study connotes that organizations should be more socially responsible for achieving better employer status among various stakeholders. A well-designed strategy pertaining to CSR may increase the reputation of an employer as an attractive place to work for current and prospective employees. Originality/value The paper examined CSR as an important attribute of employer branding for retaining competent employees in the Indian setting; studies on CSR as an EB dimension are limited. The results focus on embracing socially responsible behavior of organizations and on examining the role of OI as a mediating variable.

Vilakshan - XIMB Journal of Management

University brand as an employer: demystifying employee attraction and retention

Purpose This study aims to unveil the determinants of employer branding (EB) that attracts and retains the employees working in the Indian higher education sector using the factor-analytic approach. Design/methodology/approach The study is cross-sectional, and the data were collected from 141 employees working in the higher education sector. Exploratory factor analysis and independent t-test were deployed to analyze the data. Findings The results of independent samples t-test explicate that perception of male and female university employees pertaining to EB factors of employee attraction (EA) and employee retention (ER) is congruent. Further, the perception of employees in public and private universities on EB factor is similar for ER and non-similar for EA. Originality/value The present research is an effort to unveil the employee attraction and retention factors that play a vital role in showcasing an employer as a great place to work in the Indian higher education sector.

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