Dr. K. Balachander Kalappan

EEE, Karpagam Academy of Higher Education, Karpaganm University India
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Techno Economic Study of Hybrid Renewable Energy System of Metropolitan Cities in India

This paper proposes Technical and Cost Effective Analysis of Hybrid Renewable Energy System (HRES) in Metropolitan Cities in India using Hybrid Optimization Model for Electric Renewable (HOMER) model. In current situation, standalone Solar Energy Conversion and Wind energy Conversion together or separate schemes have been supported around the region on comparatively larger scale. Those balanced systems cannot make available unbroken source of energy, as they are cyclic. Consequently, energy backup systems could be necessary for every time of those structures with a view to satisfy the user load demands. Typically storage devices or equipments are high priced and the dimensions have to be reduced to a minimal viable for the renewable energy system to be cost effective. Hybrid power system can be used to reduce electricity garage necessities. A hybrid renewable energy system that mixes the time of strength through sun and wind energy conversion system.

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