nwzad abdulla

civil engineering, uinversity of salahaddin Iraq
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Mechanical Behavior of Slender Composite Columns under Axial Compression Load

In the present experimental investigation, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic pour-in form (PPF) was used in three low-cost composite systems for concrete construction. It included concrete-filled tubular plastic forms (CPPF), steel-reinforced concrete-filled tubular plastic (CPPF-SC and CPPF-Re), and welded wire fabric reinforced concrete-filled tubular plastic (CPPF-WM). The core was laboratory mixed concrete with an average 28-day compressive strength of 31.3 MPa. The performance of the three systems was compared with the corresponding pure concrete (PC), and reinforced concrete (RC) specimens, by testing 16 slender specimens with unequal end restraint-conditions. The analyzed parameters were the tube thickness and diameter, the amount and yield strength of longitudinal reinforcement, slenderness ratio and the rotation of the upper loading steel platen. The test results show that using PPF a hinge was formed and the mode of failure changed from brittle shear for RC specimens to ductile beam failure mode for CPPF with compression softening. The extent of enhancement in strength and ductility depends on the type of composite specimen.

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