Mohammad Taghi Darvishi

Dept. of Mathematics, Razi University Iran
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An Efficient Iterative Method Based on Two-Stage Splitting Methods to Solve Weakly Nonlinear Systems

In this paper, an iterative method for solving large, sparse systems of weakly nonlinear equations is presented. This method is based on Hermitian/skew-Hermitian splitting (HSS) scheme. Under suitable assumptions, we establish the convergence theorem for this method. In addition, it is shown that any faster and less time-consuming two-stage splitting method that satisfies the convergence theorem can be replaced instead of the HSS inner iterations. Numerical results, such as CPU time, show the robustness of our new method. This method is easy, fast and convenient with an accurate solution.

Stability Analysis of Jacobian-Free Newton’s Iterative Method

It is well known that scalar iterative methods with derivatives are highly more stable than their derivative-free partners, understanding the term stability as a measure of the wideness of the set of converging initial estimations. In multivariate case, multidimensional dynamical analysis allows us to afford this task and it is made on different Jacobian-free variants of Newton’s method, whose estimations of the Jacobian matrix have increasing order. The respective basins of attraction and the number of fixed and critical points give us valuable information in this sense.

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