Michael Cahapay

BEEd Department, Mindanao State University – General Santos Philippines


Michael B. Cahapay currently works at the College of Education, Mindanao State University, General Santos City, Philippines. He is completing his Ph.D. in Curriculum Theory at the UP Diliman. His interests include pure research and applied research in modeling curriculum phenomenon across educational contexts.

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Journal of Curriculum and Teaching

A Case Study of Curriculum Unpacking Practices of a Kindergarten Teacher

Curriculum unpacking, defined as the process of interpreting the intended curriculum into classroom instruction, is important in the overall success of the school curriculum. As a critical process that serves as a bridge between the intended curriculum and classroom instruction, however, there is a paucity of research about it. Hence, this study aimed to describe the curriculum unpacking practices of a teacher. It entailed a qualitative research design specifically a case study to look closely into the single context of a purposively selected kindergarten teacher in a public school. The main data gathering techniques used were key informant interview and document review. The data obtained were subjected to thematic analysis. The result of the study revealed that the participant follows a generally linear process in unpacking the curriculum as noted in the compliance to the minimum standards of the intended curriculum, main consideration of the learner while translating the intended curriculum into instruction as mandated in the law, and alignment of the curriculum and instructional components. However, qualitative probes uncovered possible errors such as misinterpretation of the developmentally appropriate principle espoused by the intended curriculum and discrepancy between the curriculum standards and instructional activities. The implications in practice are discussed in the study.

How Filipino parents home educate their children with autism during COVID-19 period

This short article describes how Filipino parents home educate their children with autism during the COVID-19 period. Employing a mainly qualitative research approach, five parents who have children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder were interviewed online. The data were subjected to thematic analysis. The results highlight the following themes: (1) many are better than one in home education during isolation; (2) from struggles with the transition to cultivation of new activities; (3) new social reality in preparation for the post-pandemic period; (4) all forms of home education are essential; and (5) families encouraging families in these tough times. This paper provides insights as regards the home education of children with autism amid the current global emergency.

Journal of Studies in Education

Workload Stress and Results Based Performance of Multigrade Teachers

Teaching is a multifaceted task. Teachers are inevitably exposed to superfluous teaching workloads and predicaments causing them stress. This research aimed to determine the relationship between workload stress and results based performance of multigrade teachers. It employed correlation research design involving thirty (30) purposively selected multigrade teachers in the Schools Division of General Santos City (GSC) during the school year 2015-2016. Following the survey method, a tailored questionnaire was used to gather the needed information. Secondary data were also collected. The statistical tools employed in the analysis were frequency distribution, percentage rate, weighted mean and Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient. The results revealed that the multigrade teachers experience moderate level of workload stress and high level of results based performance. It was further found out that there is no significant relationship between workload stress and results based performance, providing evidence that stress may not necessarily influence performance. This result offers unique implications in theory, practice, and research which are discussed in the study.

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