Ehsan Amiri Ardekani

Shiraz University of Medical Sciences Iran
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Memorial functional foods: a new concept from Bavi tribe

The use of functional foods (FFs) for maintaining health and preventing or treating illnesses—in recent years—has been dramatically increased in the literature. There are available valuable examples of FFs in ethno medicine from different tribes. Ethnic FFs can be valuable resources for developing FFs science, e.g., introducing memorial FFs as an interdisciplinary ethnopharmacological concept. In this paper, ethnic FFs from Bavi tribe (Kohgiluyeh va Boyerahmad province of Iran) have been studied, and their medical potentials are reported. Data gathering was done by interview with Bavi tribe local healers using a questionnaire. Plant materials were collected and identified, and Bavi FFs were prepared according to local procedures. Information of 21 Bavi tribe FFs was collected which are including 20 different plant species.The results showed that most FFs are used to treat chronic diseases including kidney problems like kidney stones, liver disease, neurological complaints, and GI ulcers and are used as lactogogue, while lesser FFs are used to treat acute diseases and symptoms (43%), including nausea and vomiting, common cold, diarrhea, sore throat, and allergy. Most FFs of Bavi tribe are prepared using aromatic plants (75%) responsible for aroma in the final FF. Probably, aromatic FFs increase patient acceptance, without mimicking unpleasant memory of drug recommendation. Plants that are used in FF are mostly perennial (80%) and wild growing (80%), indicating continuous contact of natives and so having memory with such habitant herbals. Treating diseases by homemade FFs which are prepared by well-known aromatic herbals is a routine procedure among natives like the Bavi tribe. Such easily made FFs with well-known taste and flavors which may change the patient’s mood should be studied in a new approach, “memorial FFs”, as a novel opportunity for healthcare and curing.

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