Abbas Aljuboori

Media Technology Engineering , University of Information Technology and Communications - College of Engineering Iraq
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The impacts of social media on University students in Iraq


The rapid increase in the era of the technological revolution and the Internet, especially the social media, have created a new reality in the daily life of the societies in general and of the university students in particular, so this new reality without any doubt imposes on us the general effects of this increasing use of social media has affected all areas and societies The effects are positive and negative. These social means have become a vast space for exchanging ideas, making new friends, proposals, sources of information, business and e-shopping. In this study, we have decided to shed light on the academic, political and economic effects of the study by comparing them to the general effects of social media by looking at the demographic variables of Iraqi university students. Three universities (Kerbela University in the Middle Euphrates, UOITC University in the capital Baghdad and Tikrit University in western Iraq) where we considered spatial, cultural and social differences. Data collected through a survey consisting of four categories, General Influences, Academic Influences, Political Influences and Influences Business (distributed over 40 questions) We tried to cover most of the students' common uses of social media and their impact on them. The questionnaire was distributed through 100 questionnaires to each university. The total number of participants was (201) distributed on (77) participants from Karbala University, (50) participants from Tikrit University and (74) participants from the University of Information and Communication Technology (UOITC).

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