Hayder Aljamee

Basra Oil Company Iraq
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The causes of project delay in Iraqi petroleum industry: A case study in Basra Oil Company

The purpose of this research is to look at construction projects in the Iraqi petroleum industry, which have suffered significant problems in the last decade. This research initially uses secondary data to examine the previous work to identify project problems in Iraq and worldwide. Furthermore, this research is performed by collecting primary data from the employees of Basra Oil Company using a survey. The finding of the research has identified that the contractor is the main reason of project problems, and that these problems mostly appeared during the execution phase in construction projects. The respondents of the questionnaire have assessed that project execution in the Iraqi petroleum industry is as a good or better. However, there are problems in Iraqi petroleum industry particular due to project schedule slippages. The most frequent cause of a project being behind schedule is due to using the lowest bidding prices from contractors.

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