Aditya Pitale

Research Scholar, Centre for Transportation Systems (CTRANS) Indian Insititute of Technology Roorkee, Uttarakhand India
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GIS-MCDM–Based Approach to Determine the Potential Facility Locations for Park-and-Ride Facilities along Transit Corridors

The ill effects of the escalating number of private vehicles on roads have become a key concern for today’s planners and development authorities. Park-and-Ride (P&R) facilities are considered as a group of valuable systems that are used to overcome these rising problems of cities if located judiciously. Several criteria play significant roles in determining the potential locations for P&Rs, but there lacks an approach to simultaneously consider multiple criteria and spatially locate P&R facilities. This study presents a spatial multicriteria decision-making (MCDM) (i.e., GIS-MCDM) approach to identify potential locations for P&R facilities considering multiple criteria. This approach uses the analytical hierarchy process (AHP) to determine the relative weights of several criteria considered for locating P&Rs and the geographic information system (GIS) to identify the locations spatially. The developed approach is further applied to identify locations for P&Rs in Delhi, the capital city of India, and 10 locations that best served the maximum part of the city were found. The results show that the criterion of a P&R serving the maximum population had the highest weight for determining the potential locations. The findings of this study suggest that the developed approach will ease the decision-making process of planners regarding determining the potential locations for P&Rs

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