A Novel Triazine‐Based Analog of Graphyne: Scalable Synthesis and Applications in Photocatalytic Dye Degradation and Bacterial Inactivation

Graphyne, a theorized carbon allotrope possessing only sp ‐ and sp 2 ‐hybridized carbon atoms, holds great potentials in many fields, especially in catalysis, energy transfer/storage devices. Using a bottom‐up strategy, we synthesized a new N‐doped graphyne analog, triazine‐ and 1,4‐diethynylbenzene‐based graphyne TA‐BGY , in solution in gram‐scale. The unique sp / sp 2 carbon‐conjugated TA‐BGY possesses an extended porous network structure with a BET surface area of ca. 300 m 2 g ‐1 . Owing to its low optical band gap (1.44 eV), TA‐BGY was expected to have many applications which were exampled by the photodegradation of methyl orange and photocatalytic bacterial inactivation.

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