A novel high-resolution melting analysis-based method for Salmonella genotyping


To establish a simple and rapid high-resolution melting curve (HRM) method, 5 different strains of Salmonella were identified by adding DNA denaturants at different concentrations into the HRM system to change the characteristics of DNA melting and to obtain different Tm (dissolving temperature) values of DNA from different target bacteria. When the concentration of n-butanol was 7% (v/v), the Tm value of the melting curve of the 5 strains changed from 89 °C to 80.5 °C, 81.5 °C, 79.5 °C, 81.0 °C and 82.5 °C, respectively. The sensitivity and specificity of the proposed method were both over 90% in the detection of 270 spiked milk powder samples. In summary, the proposed method in this study has potential for application to food safety and epidemiological research on Salmonella infection.

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